Author Guidlines

All articles should follow the writing procedures that have been determined by the Editor Team.

All articles should be written in Indonesian or English on A4-size paper (width 21 cm and height 29.7 cm) with one column setting and portrait page orientation. Document margins are set by changing the type of multiple pages to mirror margins in the page section. The margin settings for each section are: top 30 mm, bottom 30 mm, inside 20 mm, and outside 20 mm. The amount of pages allowed is 8 pages minimum and 16 pages maximum.

All articles contain:


The title of the paper uses Times New Roman font size 16 bold. Both author, institutions , address and e-mail font size 12. Between title, author and institution separated by 2 spaces.

Author Information

  1. The author’s name should be fully written (no abbreviations or nicknames) and followed by a serial number written in superscript stating the origin of the institution.
  2. The name of the author's institution is written in the following order: department, faculty, institution, and country of origin.


Abstract should be written either in Indonesia and English. Maximum word length in abstract is 200 words by Times New Roman font with 10 point size in italic form.


Abstract is followed by keywords, 3either in English and Indonesian, minimum  3 words. Keyword must be ordered alphabetically, separated by comma and contains the main themes and most important terms  frequently discussed.


This template is modified in MS Word so that the author can use the format according to the style of each section in his paper. All papers have standards. All document standards are intended for: (1) ease of use, (2) automatic compliance with documentation and compilation requirements and (3) conformity of style in all papers in the Electrical Engineering UNJANI. Page margins, column widths, line spacing, and styles are set. Some components, such as equations, graphs, and tables are not defined, but styles are available. All style formats can be built into this document.


The method should contain a theory or model approach, model justification, model completion, and solution. The literature review should contain basic phenomena and the relation between the phenomena studied and basic theories. Units used are International Standard (IS), such as meters (m) for length, kilograms (Kg) or grams (g) for weight, and others

Result and Discussion

Result and discussion contains the data served with the tables and/or images and also analysis the discussion scientifically. Table and images are given numbers with Arabic numerals and titles. Table listing should be arranged so that the maximum width is 16.5 cm. The inclusion of images needs to pay attention to the entire image width (16.5 cm) and the grayscale color scheme.


Summary should be written briefly and clearly, not repeating the result and discussion section for multiple times. It may include any recommendations.


Authors express gratitude for A organization for financial support and B organization for participation in this scientific activity.


References 15 pieces in the last 10 years. Style setting in references used IEEE (nstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standard, which can be made using the citation sources feature in Microsoft Word or other software such as EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley.

Article Template

Authors may click Article Template to see more details about scriptwriting. The guidelines used .docx format and were equipped with style features for Microsoft Word. More descriptions about content writing format, references, and citations can be read in the guidelines.

First of all, the authors are required to read publication ethics on this page.

Instructions For Writers

Authors who wish to submit manuscripts should pay attention to the points below. If the manuscript does not meet the requirements that have been listed, there is a possibility that the manuscript will be returned.

  1. The manuscript is the result of his own work.
  2. The manuscript has never been published or is being submitted to a journal, proceeding, or other publication media.
  3. The manuscript is written according to the template determined by the EPSILON Journal.
  4. Script file in doc/docx format with a maximum size of 8MB
  5. Use an active email address.
  6. Within 90 days there is no response to the revision/improvement of the manuscript since the manuscript was informed, the editorial process will be terminated and removed from the EPSILON journal.
  7. The editorial board of the EPSILON journal has the right to refuse or not to publish manuscripts that do not meet points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.